Winston Churchill Reporting


                                              “Read draws on Churchill's newspaper pieces, books, and letters for this fast-paced
                                             biographical and historical narrative…A richly detailed look at Churchill's early
                                             ambitions and triumphs.”
                                                                                       —Kirkus Reviews
                                        “Of all the books about Winston Churchill, this is the first dedicated to his years
                                             as a war correspondent…Read introduces this work with ‘Winston Churchill as
                                             Indiana Jones,’ a line that becomes reality within the first few pages…A worthy
                                             purchase for fans of Churchill who are unfamiliar with these stories as well as
                                             those interested in late 19th-century history, military history, and a case study
                                             of writing as a journalist.”
                                                                                     —Library Journal

                                           "lluminates Churchill's early years as a journalist and war correspondent.”

                                                                                                                     —San Jose Mercury News 


                                           “In this edge-of-your-seat, slice-of-life biography, author Simon Read skillfully                                          

                                         weaves Churchill’s earliest wartime adventures with his lively reporting from the 

                                             battlefield…Not to miss!”



                                              “An engaging story, engagingly told.”

                                                                                                           —Open Letters Monthly


                                             “Churchill is an enthralling subject, and the few years covered in the narrative

                                               are filled with danger, courage, conflict, death and deliverance…Churchill was

                                               in the epicenter of history, and readers will devour this delicious narrative about

                                               the young rising star.”

                                                                                —San Diego Book Review


                                          “With material from personal letters as well as his reports from the front,

                                                Winston Churchill Reporting is a visit with a future leader during his formative

                                                years. It’s an extraordinary, eye-opening book.”

                                                                                                                               —January Magazine


                                              “A great read indeed!”

                                                                                 —Hudson Valley News


                                              “Read draws from private letters and papers relating the combat experiences 

                                                that helped shape Churchill into an exemplary statesman. The narrative is more

                                                an adventure tale than a straight biography.”

                                                                                                                          —Military History


                                               “An absorbing book that fairly illustrates the means by which a green subaltern

                                                of the 19th century at length became one of the towering figures of the 20th.”

                                                                                                                                                  —Roanoke Times


                                                "Investigates how Churchill went from a young army officer cadet to being Britain’s

                                                  highest-earning war correspondent by the age of 25, getting the journalism bug for

                                                  the rest of his life…Tell[s] the tale of Churchill the adventurer…elegantly.”

                                                                                                                                                         —The Economist


                                                 "The true-life story of a lesser-known period in the life of British statesman

                                                   Winston Churchill…Extensively researched, rich in detail, and enhanced with

                                                    notes, a bibliography, and an index, Winston Churchill Reporting is worthy

                                                    of the highest recommendation for public and college library biography


                                                                       —Midwest Book Review


                                                  “I have read several books about Churchill and thought this book would be

                                                    a rehash. I was so wrong. I learned a great deal about a courageous, pushy

                                                    young man who was becoming a writer."

                                                                                                                               —Internet Review of Books


                                                  "A cracking narrative…This is not just a gripping account of the adventures

                                                   of a young soldier who could never decide whether he was an army officer or

                                                   a war correspondent (nor could higher authority). It brings into focus some

                                                  of the themes which were to dominate Churchill’s career. Above all, it is a study

                                                  in courage…A rollicking read, it is an ideal Christmas present for anyone interested

                                                  in war, history, Britain and greatness.”



                                                "An absolutely rollicking adventure…Read’s fast-paced book makes Winston Churchill’s

                                                 story accessible to many new readers…An insightful look at what motivated one of the

                                                 most prominent men of the 20th century…Read nails it with a book that is just such good


                                                           —Centre Write (Bright Blue UK)